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Nordplus Sprog projekt  2019 til og med 1. august 2023: "Feather in your cap" Skriv for mere materiale..

Nordplus Language project: "Feather in your cap".

Aim of Nordplus Language project: "Feather in your cap" is to strengthen the way we in our daily practice incorporate the different aspects of songs, games and singing games in a cultural setting in a way that contributes to the preschoolers language skills and their sense of belonging in a social and cultural setting.

To stimulate and develop language via early childhood music education, with making music and also body movement as an integrated part of teaching" we discovered is in fact very much in use in preschool settings.

Since language is part of the songs, singing games and body movement, the teaching of languages are an integrated part.

Using the "roots" of a culture is known in Denmark, and we discovered that it also is very important to Greenlandic pedagogues to focus on the "roots" of their inuit culture, To stress the importance of this we met again and again when observing music lessons and when interviewing students and pedagogical staff.

The traditional Greenlandic drum: "qilaat" is very important to the Greenlandic people, and also the old myths are common knowledge. Many people know how to beat the drums, know the dance steps and the rhythms and also song melodies.

Material of traditional Greenlandic music can be found in archives and could be known more and put to use. We are developing new teaching materials.

Keyword is recreating and adapting in order to make it known and put in use by relevant target groups in Greenland, Denmark, and other Nordic countries.

Our journey is anthropological to uncover music, games, body movements of Inuit culture.

The usable teaching products we have created will be available on the website of Danish Kodály Society. And you are welcome this society for further information: https://kodaly.one/

Theoretical background of our project is: "Læring med kroppen forrest" Kjeld Fredens.

Participants of "Feather in your cap":

Danish Kodály Society (DK) Lise Wille Cholewa

"Byens Musikskole" (DK) Adem Fajkovic

Casa Greenland Aps (GL) Ergoterapeuten Sara Jilsø Fleischer

Shepherd - The organisation for families with small children (GL) Henriette Bjørnshauge.